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Nigeria’s Got Talent: Kate Henshaw, Dan Foster walk out on contestant, viewers

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It was a very hilarious edition of the second edition of Nigeria’s Got Talent this week as the judges witnessed series of  performances by various contestants who registered for the show.

But one performer who got the judges off their seats and made them angry was a young man named Heaven.

Heaven  introduced himself and immediately he started singing Ojumo ti mo by Asa, the crowd burst out with laughter because of the lack of melody in his voice

He barely continued when judges, Kate Henshaw and Dan Foster, asked him to leave the stage, but Yibo Koko, the third judge, seemed as if he wanted more fun and asked him to continue singing.

This made Kate Hensahaw stand up and walk up to the stage, passed the contestant  right out of the hall, after which Dan Foster followed suit.

When caught back stage, Kate Henshaw said:  “I don’t want to die, I don’t like giving people false hopes, I had to do this before he disgraces himself before a bigger audience,” while Dan Foster kept shouting, “Is it by force?”

The contestant, when asked if he was embarrassed, said: “I am not annoyed that two judges walked out on me. In the history of Nigeria’s Got Talents, no judge has ever walked out while a contestant is performing. Heaven remains my name.”

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