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Elumelu tasks govt to create enabling environment for private sector
14.May.2014 DISQUS_COMMENTS Ruth Olurounbi
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CHAIRMAN, Heirs Holdings, Tony Elumelu, has advocated for continuing engagements to call on the Nigerian government to create enabling environment for private sector’s role in the country’s longterm development.

He also called for more participation from the private sector in the Nigerian economy.

Elumelu made the call on Tuesday, in New York, at a Shared Value Leadership Summit, which had over 300 shared value leaders from around the world in attendance.

At the summit, which was shown via live broadcast and monitored by the Nigerian Tribune, Elumelu stressed on the private sector’s role in Nigeria’s longterm development.

He then emphasised the need for the government to “understand that what is good for the private sector is good for society,” adding that private sector’s success on the longterm benefits the government, as it helped to maximise economic development.

While advocating for a continuous engagement on Nigerian government’s need to create an enabling environment for private enterprise in the country, he said “some of the current challenges in Nigeria are as a result of lack of economic opportunity.” 

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